Life Coach Certification Training Courses

Become a Certified Life Strategies Coach through comprehensive training at the Spencer Institute for Life Coach Certification Training

Introducing the most comprehensive and easy-to-follow life coaching techniques ever developed. It’s a step-by-step blueprint for life coaching career success. 100% online life coach training program including detailed, step-by-step video PowerPoint lectures, comprehensive digital manual, and exam + Free Bonus Coaching Material

The Spencer Institute’s Life Strategies Coaching Certification Course perfectly combines the latest advancements in human potential with proven methods of success used by the most productive and successful people.

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Certified Life Coach Training Programs

You have many life coach training options and career paths with the Spencer Institute.

The coaching industry provides coaches with many career paths and business options. You can chose coaching specialties such as wellness coaching, life coaching, performance coaching, stress management coaching, corporate wellness coaching, holistic coaching and fitness and lifestyle coaching specialties as well.